is an Art Director and Designer working based in Brooklyn, NY. 


TEDWomen 2018

Role: Art Direction and Motion Design
Team:  Mina Sabet-Bogan, Martha Estafanos,
Maya Sariahmed, Mike Femia
Event Photography: Marla Aufmuth, Callie Giovanna  

Event Theme: Showing Up

The time for silent acceptance of the status quo is over. Women the world over are taking matters into their own hands, showing up for each other and themselves to shape the future we all want to see. Whatever their focus and talent — politics, science, technology, art — these pioneers are unapologetically breaking out and pushing boundaries. They’re rising up to listen, to be heard, to see and be seen, to celebrate and empower. Women and their allies are joining forces in an explosion of discovery and ingenuity to drive real, meaningful change.
We’re showing up for TEDWomen 2018. Are you?

Speaker Bumpers on set

Speaker Session Bumpers

5 Second Intro 

Digital Banners

TED Women - Tarana Burke