About Elisa

Art director and motion designer with a passional for creating impactful content. Extensive experience working across broadcast, digital media and non-profit.

I’ve worked and lived in London, Berlin and the Middle East creating for companies like TED Talks, Al Jazeera English, Vimeo, Gizmodo and Jezebel.


Brooklyn born, to a Jamaican mother and Italian father, I spent part of my childhood being raised in Italy. I then learned German while living in Berlin for 8 years, spent a decade in London, with stints in Asia and the Middle East. A few years ago, an employment opportunity brought me back to NYC.

As a result, I enjoy being a global nomad, highly appreciating a broad and inclusive cultural perspective, which influences my creative process and problem-solving professionally and in everyday life.

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Client list

TED Conferences
Al Jazeera English
NBC News
Yahoo! Studios

Honors & Awards

Vimeo Staff Picks 2017
Writers Guild Awards 2017
Indigo Design Awards 2018
Festival Motion Design Nevers (France) 2018

...and I’m a  Wellness Practitioner 

Currently guiding Yoga & Meditation in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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